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Things To Do In the Cove

Spend a day walking and shopping in Peggy's Cove Village. This is a working fishing village with all that accompanies that activity. Fishermen come and go, lobster traps and fish nets decorate the wharves and roadside, and fishing boats come and go from the local wharf. Learn the geology and history of the Village as told on story boards scattered throughout the area. Shop for souvenirs at the gift shops, enjoy an espresso and cookie on the deck at Beales while taking in the view of the cove and be sure to stop for chowder and gingerbread at the Sou'Wester Restaurant.

Go hiking in the thousand acre Peggy's Cove Preservation Area. Glaciers shaped the land thousands of years ago, ancient boulders, some weighing many tons, are scattered along the coast. For those who love and respect the earth, and who wish to experience the connection between themselves and the "Oneness of all Things", a quiet visit to this area is a must. This area is very delicate and we ask that you stay on the paths already created by the many people who have explored the area. Locals can direct you to the best spots to enjoy the area.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Atlantic Canada's #1 tourist destination
The famous lighthouse at Peggy's Point remains the most recognizable symbol of this quiet hideaway. In fact, the white and red beacon of hope — which started guiding sailors in 1868 — has the distinction of being one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.

St. John's Anglican Church

St. John's Anglican Church is a Gothic Revival church with a corner tower and spire and is located in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. The designation applies to the church and the land it occupies. St. John's Anglican Church is valued for its importance to the people of Peggy’s Cove as the only religious centre in the community. 

Swiss Air Memorial

Swissair Flight 111
Swissair Flight 111 (SR-111, SWR-111) was a Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 on a scheduled airline flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, United States to Cointrin International Airport in Geneva, Switzerland. This flight was also a codeshare flight with Delta Air Lines.

William E. deGarthe Gallery

William E. deGarthe was a much-loved maritime artist working in Nova Scotia until his death in 1983. He created numerous paintings and sculpture depicting maritime life that are spread throughout the world. This gallery, located in one of deGarthe's favourite fishing villages, Peggy's Cove, displays 65 of his works which were donated by his wife. 

The gallery is open from May 1st to October 31st.

William E. deGarthe Memorial Provincial Park

William E. deGarthe, one of Nova Scotia's most beloved maritime artists, created a 30m (100ft) carving of 32 fisherman, plus their wives and children, as they are looked over by a guardian Angel, using a granite wall as his canvas. The carving is the centerpiece of the William E. deGarthe Memorial Provincial Park, located in the village of Peggy's Cove. Unfortunately, deGarthe passed away before the memorial was completed, but it is still a must-see.

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